People bave fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

Even back then, at the time when I was into the art of drawing, creating portraits was nearly the only subject I focused my interest on. I would have liked to draw people literally under their skin, but my skills weren't good enough to go as deep as that. Anyway it was a very interesting process for me to sit in front of people, trying to get a bit more of the essence of a person into a drawing than just to make the portrait recognizable.

My enthusiasm for photography was triggered by experiences I had on a travel to Romania in the year 2000. I went there as a musician with the intention, to learn something about the music of gypsies. Back home I wanted to start a band devoted to the music of East European Roma. But arriving there it turned out, that choosing a region called Maramures - situated in the north of Romania - was a bad choice. I chose a part of the country where hardly any

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