baskets. They are used to carry home the crops from the fields or also from the woods (mushrooms or berries for example).

Although my work usually is devoted to portraits only I made an exception this time and included other pictures that may give a little impression of what everyday life is like in a gypsy village like that. For me it is hardly understandable how it is possible, on such a rich continent like Europe, in this case even within the European Union, surely one of the richest parts of the world, that there are people who have to live in these circumstances [oder “under these conditions”]. And gypsies are no small minority. I guess they are the biggest one in Europe with some millions of people. Of course not all of them are poor, some are even very rich. But the majority of them has to live under inhuman living conditions, not only in Romania. When I think about that it makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Of course my photographic work can not fundamentally change their situation, probably not even to a small degree. But maybe one person or another discovers while looking at and being touched by the photos that gypsies are people who are connected to the same stream of life as every one of us and



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